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miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013



 Dear Reader, Lovecraft House, a small DIY publishing press & record label dedicated to promoting and sharing the work of artists working passionately in underground circles. The house was unofficially established near the end of 2010 with the publication of a fanzine that, among other things, benefited a friend's fight against cancer. In the short time since then, the house has published five issues of the Night of the Fandom zine, the third issue of which included the 'fandom jams' CD-R compilation of NJ bands co-released with 'so inside' records. The house created silkscreens for bands like The Grains, brick mower & Backpocket, and designed LP covers for The Grains' Stone Street (Psychic Volt) and Hunchback's Red is the Color (so inside). To date Lovecraft has functioned as an unofficial non-profit, where all work and effort has been made in order to further the work of artists, musicians and writers that it supports. The House's energy and inspiration stems from their love of art. Among these pages you will bear witness to craft borne out of love both for the artists involved and the House. Thus the house's name -- Lovecraft.

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  1. hola, tocayo! Resulta que esta semana que viene estamos Trance en Barna! Si tú estás por ahí, a ver si nos vemos. Un abrazo!